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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hilarious marketing effort on NEC Corporation Scale-out Grid Storage Platform - a grid storage solution:

HYDLAstol Stolage Solution.... just watch this movie and see what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Well there is more to it then a bad marketing movie. The concept is good. Much like COPAN's concept. COPAN just forgot the world rack's 19'' at a time. Grid storage with wide area fail over or date replication with compression is a far better way to go then tape.

Scale Datacom said...

Granted, this is comical...but the product and technology behind it are all business.
The 900-pound Gorilla (read: NEC) has sets its sights on the US disk storage market and it is intending to shake things up.
From what we've seen in HYDRAstor and its D-Series of midrange SAN arrays, they have the products to do so.

Anonymous said...

Painful Video! ground up development to solve "real" problems or poorly positioned OEM partnership? There are many players claiming to play in the grid storage space not to mention its a very small end user target market - 900lb apes tend to eat alot. Storage architecturees are just as important as data management features and it is clear NEC misses the mark on both. Regarding the product and technology (whatever that may be)the Hydra name says it all...

NEC should stick to displays and POS products. .

Anonymous said...

Apart from bad movie, the technology looks very promising. I heard the speed and and dedup ratio is good, yet the price... They selling large systems only. I'd like to try smaller one - which I could afford.

Anonymous said...

A small setup is already being under preparation. You have to ask them for so called miniHYDRA.

dougp59 said...

Laugh all you want. I was at a recent backup and dedupe seminar and Curtis Preston gave this product a HUGE thumbs up.

For those who do not know, Curtis Preston is a very noted speaker and expert in the area of all things backup.

He's like the old Merril Lynch commercial that said when Merril Lynch speaks, people listen. So when Curtis speaks, people involved in data protection listen.

People fly in to attend a Curtis Preston seminar. He will NEVER EVER allow any vendor to sit in and listen to one of his lectures. Why? Because he will routinely praise, knock or tear down very well known products and industry names based on his experiences with them.

So when Curtis Preston says NEC Hydrastor is a GAME CHANGER, you would do well to sit up, take notice and check it out.

dougp59 said...

ps. Also see http://gestaltit.com/all/tech/storage/craig/tech-field-day-seattle-nec-hydrastor/

Siobhán Ellis said...

I work for a vendor. I've been in his presentations. Actually worked for a few vendors and been in there.

I was managing backup environments bigger than he was when he was still in short pants. Just because someone is well known, doesn't mean they always know what they are talking about... Not saying he doesn't say some good stuff for the average user, he does.